Frequently Asked Questions

How can you charge less than my cell phone or cable bill?

We work smarter—not harder. By eliminating the bureaucracy of a typical doctor’s office, we streamline our efforts directly to your health. Healthcare does not need to cost as much as we think it does. 

Why is the monthly fee so high? I'm never really sick

We offer more than a typical doctor’s office. At Verity we offer a lifestyle change that gets you healthy and keeps you healthy. We want to see you when you are well—not just when you are sick. But you can rest assured that when you do get sick or injured, we are here to accommodate you. You have access to us via email, text, in person, or (coming soon) through video. It's healthcare on your schedule.

Are monthly fees eligible for HSAs?

 This issue is being addressed at the federal level with legislation called the Primary Care Enhancement Act. In the meantime, the best thing to do is check with your health plan, insurance broker or employer.

Will you be “in-network” and covered by my insurance plan?

Verity has no formal arrangements with any insurance carrier, so we are not an “in-network” provider. This means that Dr. Carnsew’s care for you is not limited by a third party. Coordination of your care such as prescribing medicine, ordering lab tests and images, and making necessary referrals will be done based on your needs and desires. The bottom line is that Dr. Carnsew will do what is best for you, not the insurance company.

So, if you do not participate with Medicare, how can I be assured that Dr. Carnsew is a superior physician?

There are already hundreds of family physicians across the country operating with this model. Data from these practices has proven that patients who have direct access to their primary care physician have less urgent and emergency care visits, less need for expensive procedures or hospitalization and have better control over diabetes and hypertension. Patient satisfaction with this model is at an all-time high. Additionally, Dr. Carnsew continues to regularly engage in Continuing Medical Education and maintain Board Certification. She is actively pursuing Lifestyle Medicine Certification, a new branch of medicine that helps patients prevent and reverse disease. At Verity, we will collectively monitor and measure our patient data to improve the quality of your health while reducing the cost of your care. 

Ultimately, isn’t this what everyone wants?



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