Is your business struggling with the rising costs of health insurance?  If you're a small business, are you contemplating shifting more of the cost of health insurance to your employees, or even withdrawing a health insurance benefit altogether?  Perhaps you've never offered a health benefit to your employees, and can't see how that's even possible in this day of rising premiums.  And if you're self-employed, are you exploring options for more affordable healthcare?
Verity Primary Medicine & Lifestyle, a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, can help your employees avoid redundant office visits and long wait times.  We help keep chronic conditions in check to ensure employees don't lose valuable work time and productivity.  In DPC, patients contract directly with their doctor (and not third parties like insurance companies) via low monthly fees.  This arrangement effectively removes the inefficiency and expense of third party payers.  As the fees provide a steady, predictable income for the doctor, she is then able to maintain a lower volume of patients in the practice (from 600-800 on average, compared to the usual panel of 2500 or more in the standard model).  Thus, there is much more time for direct doctor – patient interactions.  The ultimate benefit of DPC, therefore, is to employees, who now enjoy a true medical home:  care by a physician that can see them when they need her; the ability to utilize technology to access their doctor via cell-phone, text-messaging, or video conferencing; 24/7 access to their doctor for urgent issues; and much longer appointment times, which fosters the development of a relationship with the physician.  And no insurance contracts means much lower prices for medications, bloodwork, and radiology.  But DPC also offers value to employers, in that they are able to predictably cap the cost of primary care while providing their employees a superior primary care experience.  Business owners can then offer lower-premium, higher-deductible insurance plans, or craft a wrap-around insurance plan, for the 5-10% of care that is outside of primary care.  In essence, insurance would be reserved for what it was meant for:  unpredictable catastrophes and high-cost procedures.
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